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Obsession Demotivational Poster


TAGS: weight obsession wastes sexy women
Rating: 5/5

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JesusWept - August 6, 2013, 8:41 pm
I'ts not you. It seems to come and go. Quite annoying
5150monkeylove - August 3, 2013, 2:43 pm
Is it me, or is the FB count next to the FB button nonexistent on here?
BobbEdwards - August 3, 2013, 10:27 am
Total 5L agreement

OBSESSION - Okay, I know you like cats... But this is taking it to WAY to far.

TAGS: cat obsession taken to far
Rating: 3.38/5

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Hinoron - December 4, 2015, 10:29 pm
On the plus side, your teenage children will never, ever, ask to borrow your car.
TheGoat - June 11, 2010, 12:52 am
I can think of some captions for this one but they'd have to be on Naughtyfakes!
ICEMAN - June 10, 2010, 9:24 pm
I think this one is meant for you Sean.


TAGS: pikachu obsession
Rating: 2.61/5

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Anonymous2 - December 12, 2009, 9:56 pm
Just think, this is a small sampling of her collection. She even has a Pikachu-themed New VW Beetle.


TAGS: eyes love obsession crazy
Rating: 4.47/5

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nonanon - May 6, 2012, 2:37 am
they're so shiny...
holymoly - May 5, 2012, 4:57 pm
Fantastic. And creepy as fcuk... good show SHO.. 5L
crankyhead - May 5, 2012, 4:07 pm


TAGS: ocd snake reptile animal obsession
Rating: 5/5

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Bandit5906 - November 2, 2015, 3:43 pm
MD reminded me of my previous marriage!
JesusWept - November 2, 2015, 9:39 am
Anytime ;)
mizzdizz - November 2, 2015, 9:00 am
LOL! I realize the snake is following the path of least resistance, but that's FUNNY!!! Thanks for sharing it! 5L, JW!


TAGS: perverts shyness obsession telephoto lens art
Rating: 4.9/5

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Cubbybear - November 2, 2010, 1:03 pm
and I walk that line everyday. 5 poodles Aggy
Hawamleh - November 2, 2010, 12:47 pm
Nice :D

OBBSESSION - And people wonder why.. we complain about money...

TAGS: anime obsession
Rating: 2.67/5

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Anonymous2 - March 2, 2010, 10:36 pm
Hey, someone started filling my anime wishlist...
ICEMAN - March 2, 2010, 9:17 pm
And then there would be the "obsession" with correct spelling.
Treehodger - March 2, 2010, 7:37 pm
My friend has a problem like this but instead of all the anime, he has Dungeons and Dragons... He tried to teach it to me. Now I know why people use drugs.

Obsession -

Fishing Obsession -


TAGS: humanity reality mona lisa obsession hammy
Rating: 4.75/5

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Hawamleh - December 12, 2010, 6:30 am
she gave consent :D and truer words have been spken RL, but still yours are pretty true as well :D
GreyScorpion - December 11, 2010, 9:41 am
Careful Mona, Hammy's goin' for a real thing reach around... and that ain't gonna make you smile
Reality Lord - December 11, 2010, 8:53 am

one mans reality is another mans insanity.


TAGS: intruder stalker obsession poster demotivational
Rating: 4.89/5

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mizzdizz - January 19, 2016, 7:50 pm
Actually, you ended up with a nice artistic shadow effect. It may not be what you were going for but it looks great! Happy little accident?
lgvernon - January 18, 2016, 8:31 pm

Linked the blur and bevel using the emboss tool and cranked it up too high, so the text isn't as crisp as it should be.
mizzdizz - January 18, 2016, 8:10 pm
Excellent take on an old joke! LUUUUUV it!!!!!! 5L!
lgvernon - January 18, 2016, 4:42 pm

Thanks, RL.
Reality Lord - January 18, 2016, 4:32 pm